Tag Agreement Uc Berkeley

2. Complete all remaining course work and gPA requirements in your TAG agreement. Applicants must complete all essential preparation courses necessary to be eligible for admission. Please read ASSIST.org to view the articulation agreement between the University of California, Berkeley and your university. Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams can be used to help students in two ways. Tests with a score greater than or greater than 3 for AP tests or 5 or higher may be used for unit calculations. Units from credit examinations can help students meet the minimum requirements of the unit, but are not considered in the unit`s maximum admission guideline. Students can also use AP and IB exams for general culture and/or specialist credit and are encouraged to check ASSIST.org or guide.berkeley.edu for more details. For more information on how AP credits can be used, see the UC Exam Credit Matrix (link is external). Most agreements require that your math and English courses be completed or being processed at the time of applying for a DAY. Be sure to start these courses at an early stage if you wish to apply. Hi Lindy, I`m meeting this year at UC Irvine, and on my day I previously indicated that I would prove organic chemistry in the spring, which is an “additional authorized course for the main subject,” but is not a necessary course for my core subject.

But I recently found out that my community college doesn`t offer this class during this semester, so I can`t take it. Can I change it in my November application without compromising my place? I was scared because the UC Davis website says that the TAG is a contractual agreement that should not be broken and that risks invalidating the TAG. I am not sure that it is the same for UCI; I couldn`t find anything. Thank you very much! Hello Lindy, I would like to start by thanking you for this article, it really helped me to clarify a lot of things regarding the transfer process. But there is one thing that puzzles me. I applied for TAG to go to Davis for chemistry, and it was accepted today. Unfortunately, I was not able to enter a physics class 1 for the winter term of the CC in which I currently participate, the same class that I had listed in the course work for my tag agreement. The class is the first in a series of three classes that I have indicated in my course agreement that I will end by the summer of 2020. Given that I wasn`t able to enter Physics 1 and probably won`t finish the entire series on my CC, will this have any impact on my DAY? Thanks in advance! Each campus website lists its TAG eligibility criteria.

You can use assist.org to determine which courses at Solano meet all the course requirements for the TAG agreement, and then work with your advisor to add them to your educational program. TAG requirements are updated annually. Hello, I had a question about the course work for the tag agreement. I`m still in the fall class and I`m applying for my spring classes soon, but I`m not 100% sure of the 4 courses I`m going to take. Would it be normal to leave the spring semester 2021 blank and explain in the box where we have to explain why there would be a gap between autumn 2020 and autumn 2021, that I have certainly only planned two classes, but that I still choose the other two, but that I plan to do the spring semester 2021? And are you saying that I plan to take 12 credits, or is it better to put the four classes I could take, even if it is possible that I will change my mind? I don`t know what to do…

October 10, 2021