Vonage Service Level Agreement

7.5. Guidelines for acceptable use. Customers who use the service must follow the Rules regarding the authorized use of Level 3s and the privacy policy, as communicated in writing to the customer from time to time and which are also available via the Level 3s website at www.level3.com. Level 3 informs the Customer of any claims received from Level 3 regarding any incident involving an alleged violation of Level 3 usage rules by the customer or third parties who have accessed the service through the customer. The client agrees to immediately investigate all of these complaints and take all necessary measures to remedy any actual violations of the Level 3 User Directive. Level 3 may allow the complainant to determine that the customer or a third party who has gained access to the service through the customer reviews the complaint and provides the complainant with the information necessary to contact the customer directly in order to resolve the complaint. The customer must identify a representative for the receipt of these communications. Customer Service Record is the service detail made available to an end user by a telephone operator. , copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets or other intellectual property or property rights of that third party, to the extent that this claim is related to (i) the modification of the ECR service by the customer, its employees, representatives, representatives or contractors, or (iii) the combination of the CUSTOMER`s RCT service to a prejudicial after-sales service or (iii) the use of ECR service by the ECR service for purposes other than those intended. The obligations set out in this subsection constitute the client`s full responsibility to Level 3 with respect to any right to patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets or other intellectual property violations. If part of this agreement is declared legally invalid or unenforceable, all other parts of the agreement remain valid and enforceable.

This disability or inapplicability will not invalidate or render any other part of this Agreement unenforceable. For order dates on February 16, 2012 or after February 16, 2012, an early termination fee by voice line may be charged according to the plan chosen if your service is separated before the end of your commitment period. Some plans do not require due dates or early termination fees. Section 6 (D) lists more detailed information and the timing of early termination fees. h. a clause providing that Vonage may amend the terms of this agreement from time to time and that notifications are considered data and effective on the date www.vonage.com published. Vonages Service is an individual (not extended or more) family language service. It was designed to process and provide traffic profiles and usage levels of call patterns of our typical particular customers (also called “normal use” of residential customers).

April 14, 2021