Uw Rate Agreement

New tariffs apply from GJ 2015 to GJ 2020 and come into effect immediately. Concur is a live source of air prices, cars and hotels, so room availability and prices often change. Depending on the dates of stay and the availability of the rooms, the price of a price from the State Government, assistance to the hotel or affiliation (Triple A, AARP, etc.) for a contract or a UW partnership contract may be lower than the contract or partnership rate of the UW System. In these cases, the user should compare the rate, space inclusions and lowest terms to determine if the lowest value is a better value than the UW system rate. If the same or better, the lower rate can be booked. Travellers are advised to always book well in advance to get the best prices and availability. The Concur Mobile app is available for download and can be used for last-minute or on-the-go bookings. UWM calculates a fee for teaching university assistants for projects funded on an extramural basis (both at the federal and federal levels). For university assistants with university or annual appointments, teaching is $8,400 per year. For university assistants with individual semesters, the teaching is $4,200.

The waNPRC “B” is used for non-core federal programs sponsored by WaNPRC. The federal non-core “B” tariff is used for these Federally sponsored programs, even though WaNPRC employees have other laboratory or office space at the sponsored program activity. Use one of two methods to decide on the single rate to use if the Primatecenter is one of the sites: rental vehicles can be used for activities in your sponsored project. UW System has contracts with Enterprise and National Car Rental that must be used when vehicles are available. If you travel to Wisconsin, the state has agreements with Hertz, Enterprise and National Car. All mandated car rental agencies include insurance fees in rates for the UW system. If you are travelling domestic territory, car rental bookings must be made through Concur. The budget of the proposal submitted to the proponent must use the rate allowed in the waiver of the R and D. This programmed Excel table helps you create and manage your sponsored program budget. The Budget Tool (.xlsx) (updated 8-14-2020) contains all the current rates required for a sponsored project: F-A Rate Agreement The research and development agreement contains tariffs and the corresponding cost base that have been agreed between the UW and HHS-CAS.

You`ll find a summary in the table of R and D. For all subawards (federal and non-federal premiums), the UW must incorporate the allocation sponsorship requirements into the Subaward agreement, including those related to the R and D rate. Travellers who are not in facilities identified by the conference or organizing materials (i.e. the brochure and/or registration form in the form of documentation) are limited to accommodation costs within the maximum price of the site. Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials` budget calculations use the Basic Total Direct Cost (TDC) type for basic calculation, unless the program announcement indicates something else.

April 14, 2021