Location Agreement Form

Ownership representation: The agreement should include representation of the owner, whether he owns the property or has the authority of the owner and has the power to grant all rights to the agreement. Remember that someone who rents only a property may not have that kind of authority; A tenant`s permission cannot protect you from action by the landowner. Right to use records: The agreement should indicate how you will use the records. Are the recordings used for a specific project? In which media are the recordings used? Where are the recordings shown or exhibited? A broad grant of rights could include the right to send, exhibit and use recordings freely in all media, in the universe, for eternity, in any production. Ensuring an ideal location is an incredibly demanding and rewarding part of the pre-production process. Unless you`re a great time director by chance, chances are you don`t have the privilege of shooting all your videos on a sound stage. It is because of this problem that the “Rental Release” was born. In the next article, let`s take a look at what a site version is, how it`s used, and we give you a link to download a well-designed site sharing form for your next big video project. Typically, a site sharing form is completed well in the head of production day.

It is also recommended that you carry a copy of the site sharing form on the day of production. It will help you in the event of a dispute over your right to shoot in the specified location. Finding the perfect location is already a difficult task. And the work doesn`t stop. Even if you find the perfect location, you need permission to use it. This is the time when you need a site sharing form. You can download the model here or create it yourself. Each site has its own logistical considerations.

Here are some of the most common questions you should ask yourself: Before you start exploring individual locations, think about which cities would host the best for your film, as some regions offer tax incentives or discounts. Some filming locations may be beautiful, but if the cost of transportation or accommodation is too high, you may need to pass it on. If you are taking pictures in a private place, now is the time to call the owner of the property. Choosing and booking your location can be a huge challenge. Is authorization required? How do I get permission from the owner? What do you need? Here are the most important sections of a typical site version that you`ll also find in our site sharing form.

April 10, 2021