Istilah Agreement Dalam Perjanjian Internasional

Generally, agreements are used for temporarily regulated transactions, the form is almost the same as the agreement. While the protocol is used informally and generally head of state to deal with additional issues such as the interpretation of certain clauses. For example, a signing protocol that constitutes an expansion of international agreements that contain a large number of questions relating to the technical rules contained in international treaties. This is originally a summary of the conclusion of a diplomatic conference, but also today for the conceptual notes of an agreement reached by the participants. Oppenheim-Lauterpacht also spoke about understanding international treaties, that is, as agreements between countries that have resulted in rights and obligations on both sides. While Indonesian expert Mochtar Kusumaatmadja defines international treaties as agreements between members of the country`s society, with the aim of having certain legal consequences. Trakat is a political and economic agreement that is the most formal agreement and encompasses two or more countries. What is stipulated in this agreement may be not only the interests of the countries concerned, but also those of other countries that do not associate the parties to the contract. In addition, you also need to know this to better understand the duties and duties of diplomats for the country. The terms often used in international treaties are: pacts are trakat in the strict sense and generally contain political stamps.

In English, the term pact is used in international military defence and security treaties. An example of this is the Treaty on the Organization of Security Cooperation and the Defence of the Atlantic Treaty, commonly referred to as the Atlantic Pact. In the sense of international treaties, declarations are contractual and unofficial documents. The statement is used as a trakat to explain a title to the hull of the trakat provisions. The declaration is also made as an informal agreement in the Community or Convention. In the 1986 Vienna Convention, Article 2, paragraph 1, point a), there is an additional ration of personae that contains contracts from countries and international organizations or between international organizations. The protocol is an agreement whose content is supplemented by a convention. The protocol only regulates additional issues such as the state`s interpretation of certain clauses of the agreement or restrictions. For example, information about the outcome of a conference or conference signed by a participant. Protocols can also be additional instruments for conventions, but their nature and implementation are free and should not be ratified. There is also a protocol such as a truly autonomous (independent) agreement. This term is often used for narrow authorizations, whose scope is less formal and less related, and authorizations should not be ratified.

1. Article 38, paragraph 1 of the International Treaty is a charter of the International Court of Justice that contains a general or special agreement containing legal provisions expressly recognized by the country concerned. The Charter is a concept that must be used both for the creation of institutions and for the performance of administrative tasks. Like the Atlantic Pact. The Charter is a term used in international treaties, which is used for the creation of bodies and the implementation of administrative mushrooms. An example of this is the Covenant of the Charter, which refers to a more specific agreement.

April 10, 2021